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By Jillian Riches

Collaboration for a Healthy Return to Academic Success

June 23, 2020

We must depend on one another to make sure healthy practices are followed to reduce the risk of transmitting COVID-19.  We plan to achieve this by modifying academic spaces, reducing the number of students physically present in classrooms and asking each member of our community to follow personal protection guidelines. 

To reduce the risk of transmission, we will decrease the number of students in the day division classrooms by approximately 50%.  Additionally, our Graduate and Professional Studies (GPS) courses will be offered in a fully online format for the Fall Semester.  All day division classes will be offered in a HyFlex format, which ensures every class period is offered synchronously to students in the classroom and students who are participating remotely.  Every student will have the opportunity to attend in person at least one class session per week in every course, though a student may choose to attend every session remotely. 

Every classroom is set up to support the HyFlex format, including rearranging classroom furniture to meet social distancing requirements, and sanitizing desks and chairs before each class.  This will be accomplished by faculty and students working together to ensure a clean surface.  Faculty will also have a supply of masks available to students who forgot or may have misplaced their mask. 

Individually, students, faculty, and staff will be required to use appropriate face coverings when in public, to frequently wash hands, use hand sanitizer, keep common areas clean, to adhere to social distancing policies, and to self-monitor health and report any COVID-19 symptoms immediately. 

We are committed to helping students achieve academic success, whether classes are attended in-person, or synchronously online. We will work together to accommodate the various needs of our students while delivering the consistently high-quality academic experience expected at Nichols. 



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