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By Jillian Riches

Message to Students Regarding Covid-19 testing and Co-Verified App

PJ Boggio, Vice President of Student Affairs on August 27, 2020

Dear Students;

We are ready to launch the first use of the Co-Verified App.  This is a very user friendly application and we invite you to explore it and become very familiar with its features.  Results will not yet be posted in this app.

All students must download this app – REMOTE students, who are 100% off campus, will pick the option in the app that denotes you as a remote user.  In the event you change your status this can be reversed.

Please open the link attached below and follow the instructions for downloading the app to an iPhone or Android.  You can begin immediately to use the app to track your symptoms and to schedule your next testing appointment.  Testing appointments are available in 5 minute increments and it will be a tremendous help to the efficiency of the Testing Center if you would please stick to the time that you have made for your appointment.

Once you have downloaded the app – you will sign in using your Nichols College OneLogin credentials.  You will need to do this each time.

If you have not already signed the consent forms please do so.  There are two forms for each person and both forms must be signed.

Please find those forms here:

Student version:

Remember to bring your Nichols College ID with you to the testing center each time.

Results of your test will continue to be delivered to you via Care Evolve for a few days more.  Once that second phase of CoVerified is up and running you will only get access to your results through CoVerified.  As a reminder;  only negative results will be delivered via the app – positive or inconclusive tests will be notified personally.

The app can also be used to make note of any individuals that you were with that could be considered a close contact.  Noting this in the CoVerified app on a nightly basis will assist in contact tracing in the event that a positive result is produced.  Please make this a nightly habit.

If you have any questions or issues regarding the Co-Verified app please send them to and we will be sure to get you a prompt response.

PJ Boggio

Vice President of Student Affairs


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