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By Jillian Riches

COVID-19 Test Requirement

Message from the Vice President of Student Affairs to students, July 29, 2021

Dear Bison;

Thank you to all that have uploaded their Vaccine documents to CoVerified! If you are vaccinated please upload your documents before August 6th. Why? We need to understand what percentage of our population is vaccinated to help us determine some of our safety policies for the fall and we want to be able to share those policies in the coming days. The higher our percentage the more active and engaged our campus can be!

One policy we do know now: Unvaccinated students will be required to arrive on campus with a negative Covid-19 pre-test that is conducted within 7 days of your arrival to campus. Some of our athletes are soon to begin arriving on campus – keep this 7 day window in mind if you are coming to campus as an unvaccinated person. All results can be uploaded in the days before you arrive by uploading your test results in the CoVerified app.

Finally, as we know many of you are vaccinated but have yet to load your results we are running a give-a-way incentive for every student that uploads their vaccines into the CoVerified app. On August 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 we will be giving away $25 in BisonBucks to one lucky winner each day. For those only partially vaccinated until later in August you will also be included. Remember to message me on the email to let me know the upcoming dates of your vaccine if they fall after the 6th of August.

Not vaxxed? You don’t have to add your name anywhere as anyone who does not upload a vaccine by 8/6 will be assumed to be unvaccinated and your name will be entered in the testing group and you will be required to take part in random testing throughout the fall.

Keep up the good work Bison!


PJ Boggio

Vice President of Student Affairs
Dean of Students & Title IX Coordinator


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